“Just Because You’re a Victim Doesn’t Mean You’re Innocent”

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  1. Oyetola says:

    Thank you Ohotu for this. Whatever it would take to end the rape and abuse culture, we must do it.

  2. Boye says:

    I disagree with this line of argument. Especially, with respect to Paragraph 6. I may sound like a moralist but I believe I can’t rule out the need for advising my sister or brother against wearing a revealing dress or crazy jeans. The basis of my instructions would not be to make a case for the rapist but to maintain the sanity that comes with proper presentation. I dont think we should totally rule out advising relatives against inappropriate dressing especially considering the infant stage of security in the society. It was a great read too Ohotu.

    • Ohotu says:

      The idea is not to rule out protecting yourselves or family against rapists. Please do. The idea that I tried to bring out is that clothes do not cause rape; it is a rapist that decided to and forced sex on a person without consent. The point is that many a time, we ask questions of a rape victim like, “what were you wearing?” and promote the idea that the victim brought rape upon herself by dressing in a particular way. The greatest proof that clothes do not cause rape is that women covered head to foot have been raped. It’s not a victim’s dress or state of mind that causes rape. It is rather the rapists feeling of entitlement to the victim’s body and a culture that promotes this entitlement. In order for us to curb the menace, we must properly identify and address the root of the problem. That’s my point. Thank you.

  3. Iyaji says:

    Thanks Ohotu. God bless you. All hands must be on deck to fight and erase the rape culture in our society.

  4. Amarachi Nickabugu says:

    Great read, Ohotu.
    I particularly loved the part where you talked about our excuses “providing rapists with the licence to rape others.”
    There is a lot to be done, and it is encouraging to find people like this – platforms like this – championing desirable change. Guess who just subscribed 😀

  5. Iguh somto says:

    I disagree with the part where you said a lady should wear a complete nightwear to sleep
    1)Who knows when she would be robbed or not and also her wearing short nighties doesn’t mean she wants to seduce anybody. Some wear it to be free when the weather is hot at night so that air can enter there body.
    2)You saying that what causes rampant raping of women is due to the miniskirts and short things they wear about… True but some people who are fully dressed also get rapped haven’t read news wear a young woman on her way home got rapped.. I think rape is planned 😑and also some men can control their urges

    • Ohotu says:

      Ooh! Thank you for your comment. I was being very sarcastic in saying those. Of course I don’t agree with victim blaming.

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