Category: Feminism

Top 10 Feminists Books for Everyone by Favour Egwu

For a long time, I struggled with identifying myself as a feminist. If anyone asked me, “are you a feminist?” I would say something like: “I’m not a feminist but I believe in inequality.”...

Children’s Day 2020: How to Raise Your Kids the Right Way 

Today, we’re celebrating all children in our country, Nigeria. We celebrate differently-abled children, children who have been diagnosed with cognitive challenges; children who are ‘stubborn’, nice, beautiful, thin, fat, happy. We remember children who...

How to Ask Someone Out – Persistence is Not Key

We expect men to try and try and try and try again. Because of this system, men have come to expect “No” on the first ask, except the woman is “cheap” and women have come to expect that a man will not simply give up after the first try. “If he likes you, he’ll be back.”