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Aurelia Abena Attipoe and The Pitch Hub Ghana

It is so exciting and motivating to see a fellow young African woman create and implement an idea that could transform the scale of business and social enterprises in Africa.

The Marriage Between African Laws and Patriarchy

The legal profession practised in Africa today has its origins in ancient Greece and Rome. Colonialists introduced these foreign systems to most parts of Africa and African countries have clung to them with little...

All The Best Things You Missed About Feminism

‘Feminism’ is the most-searched word of 2017. Really popular, right? The world is talking about feminism more than ever before which is a really goodthing. But the aversion to feminism remains, especially in Africa....

Feminism Disrupts a ‘Peaceful’ Society

“Feminism is disrupting peaceful living, especially in Africa where everything is now cool.” Certain persons who are comfortably living in our patriarchal society have expressed that feminists are only being busybodies because this is...

In the Name of Culture and Tradition

For now, patriarchy is the rule that best ensures that these powers remain exclusive to a select few; that is, held by a very small percentage of the world’s population, with the chasm between the rich and the poor growing increasingly wider, and the domination of ‘developed’ nations by ‘developing’ nations increasingly suppressive.