About Coloured Africa

“Coloured” is used figuratively to paint the diverse issues that women experience under the patriarchal order. This blog discusses the myriad of ways patriarchy manifests in our societies, particularly in Africa. Its aim is to create forums for positive discourses and provide information on issues of gender inequality as exists through our legal systems, socio-political and cultural practices. It recognises and preaches that, to attain sustainable development, we must join hands for gender equality.

The goal of Coloured Africa is to help achieve gender equality in Africa. Our objectives are to bring to the limelight the various ways patriarchy suppresses us as persons and the relevance of feminism as a counter-narrative for an egalitarian society. We as well aim to create forums for discussions on relevant issues to increase people’s knowledge of them.

About the Categories

Articles with the Tag ‘Africa’ discuss issues relevant not only to the geographical space but also those relevant to the peoples with African antecedent. They address African cultural practices, government policies and norms of behaviour with relevance to the status of African women and those that influence gender in/equality.

Of course nearly all articles will appear in the category ‘Feminism’ as this we are dedicated to achieving an African society that is feminist.

‘Feminists Rising’ pinpoints the ideas notable and relatable feminists and the impact of their ideas and advocacy in shaping a Feminist Society.

The Law is a relevant tool for social change in Africa. Articles that fall under that category discuss the effect of patriarchal laws and gender-biased interpretation of laws in our society. They also address (international) human rights laws on gender particularly in Africa.

About the Author

I am Ohotu Ogbeche, Christian, writer, feminist and lawyer. I founded “Coloured Africa” because I am passionate about dismantling the patriarchy and achieving equality across borders. I am a firm believer in humanity and egalitarianism and I write to help make the world a better place.