Monthly Archive: April 2020

It’s Okay to Be Myself

A lot of women live like this, always subjected to other peoples’ opinions and toning down their lives to suit other women/people. And that’s not okay at all.

Why Working With Women is Bad for Men – and Pastors

If women are continually denied access to spaces traditionally occupied by men under the guise of protecting men, such as company board rooms, or professional bodies, or even plain employment, it’s not hard to see how this succeeds in perpetuating and promoting gender inequality.

How to Ask Someone Out – Persistence is Not Key

We expect men to try and try and try and try again. Because of this system, men have come to expect “No” on the first ask, except the woman is “cheap” and women have come to expect that a man will not simply give up after the first try. “If he likes you, he’ll be back.”