Challenging the Abuse of Sex Workers by Law Enforcement Officers

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4 Responses

  1. Mara says:

    Real facts, good piece ma’am

  2. foxxyraldin says:

    How can drunks who are illiterate with no good police training protect women
    When their wives are their biggest victims.
    Wives of these irresponsible men should start a protest telling Nigerians that their husbands are unstable and unfit.
    But then who will feed them and their children if they do.
    It’s their employers I blame,
    Nigeria is in big trouble and everyone is acting blind.
    It’s actually scary.

    • Ohotu says:

      A never ending spiral of problems, right? We will just keep tackling them as much as we can. I think your comment is inspiring a post on the lives of our law enforcement officers, how they are abusive and go break the law. Thank you.

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