The Marriage Between African Laws and Patriarchy

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  1. Ope says:

    Very relevant piece Ohotu.

    The fact that society’s real move towards gender equality only began in the past century is an indictment on all that came before.

    Perhaps, on the part of those that entrenched the system, we could claim ignorance born of knowing no other system.

    But that excuse is no longer tenable. The world is now keenly aware of the demand for equal relevance of all genders (male, female and everything in between).

    The next step is to keep chipping away at the old system one sliver at a time.

    Keep having your say Ohotu. Rest assured that it counts.

    • Ohotu says:

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Ope. We really need to remove the old to create a system beneficial to all. Thank you.

  2. Johannes says:

    Interesting piece.

    It should however be noted that the problem is not just a legal one. Some will gladly (and rightly) assert that there is no law limiting the participation of women in politics. All we need is a paradigm shift in our thinking and mindset. As such, it is more of a societal rather than a legal problem.

    Enlightenment is key to eliminate this in grossed patriarchy mentality. But at the same time the fight becomes more difficult and complicated as a result of religious beliefs. This is the more reason why those who ordinarily should spearhead the fight accept as their fate, male dominance. Many female folk don’t even see the need to be liberated.

    Going back to the days of the Civil Liberty Movement, when blacks were considered as second class citizens, some white folks justified the discrimination with scriptural references too. We know the rest of the story. It is not enough to speak about it, more can be achieved especially in educating the present and future generations.

    • Ohotu says:

      Yes, Johannes, you are right that the law does not expressly prevent women from participating in politics. It does not have to where the society is so deeply patriarchal. Socio-cultural reorientation, education on gender parity issues and democratic inclusion of women, youth and vulnerable groups are most needed. And that is why I am committed to my advocacy for gender equality. Thank you very much.

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