In the Name of Culture and Tradition

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2 Responses

  1. Tosho says:

    We were taught that ‘Culture is the way of life of people and tradition is the practices of people’. If our ways of life have been advanced by technology and stuff, how difficult can it be to imbibe this ‘change’?
    Few months ago, I returned home to the news that the man that stays at the boy’s quarters lost his wife. I got back home a few weeks ago to find another woman in that apartment being Wife.
    I was sad. I thought to myself, what would people have said if it was the man that died and the woman dares to go out of the house talk less of getting hooked again?
    I understand that the man faced terrible times due to his wife’s death but, could the wife have moved on so soon without being crucified? I kept asking.
    Well done Ohotu. I hope someday, we achieve the real society we desire.

    • Ohotu says:

      This is all too real, Tosho. We have so many contradictory rules and double standards in our society, always in favour of the oppressors and men. Sadly, education has done little to help people see past their noises on issues like this about culture. We just have to keep pushing.

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